Simple Technology Solutions, an 8(a) HUBZone Company, specializes in creating career on-ramps for motivated IT professionals.

What is the STS Apprenticeship?

The Simple Technology Solutions (STS) Apprenticeship Program is central to our mission. Our one-year, competitive, and selective apprenticeship creates Cloud, DevOps, Software Development, and Data Science career on-ramps through mentorship, training, and direct hands-on experience. The goal of the apprenticeship is to prepare professionals with entry-mid level experience for a successful and rewarding IT career. 

We understand that significant opportunity gaps exist for marginalized groups. We have created a robust learning program to help IT professionals step into careers that provide (and enhance) economic vitality which ultimately leads to an overall enhancement to quality of life and well-being. 

The STS Apprenticeship leverages the talent and skill set of women, people of color, and other marginalized groups to equitably bolster the STS workforce.  This allows all individuals, particularly those coming from disenfranchised backgrounds, to contribute their talent, passion, and skills to our Federal Government Customers and assist them in accomplishing their missions.

Learning in Action

We provide the necessary learning, tools/skills, and hands-on experience to those working hard to break into the technology industry;specifically, Cloud, DevOps, Software Development, and Data Science fields.

Opportunity is not universal.  Many people invest time and money in order to successfully complete boot camps, programs, and certifications, yet find themselves unable to gain a position with significant earning and growth potential.  

STS pours into individuals who have a desire to take their technology career, experience, and passion to the next level.  We equip people from non-traditional, diverse backgrounds with the mindset and skillset/toolset to become exceptional professionals to best meet the mission of our customers.  

Our one-of-a-kind competitive and selective Apprenticeship Program provides mentorship, coaching, and hands-on training to eager and motivated candidates.  We offer four apprenticeship tracks throughout the year: Cloud Computing, DevOps Engineering, Software Development, and Data Science. 

STS believes in empowering people to learn and provides them with the opportunity to succeed. In 2020, five apprenticeship program graduates became employed full-time on our federal government contracts.  Building on this success and momentum, our 2021 goal is to graduate 17 apprentices and place them into full-time, upwardly mobile, technical roles by the end of the calendar year. 

Our drive to pair senior engineers and professionals with high-potential, IT apprentices has allowed our team to leverage talent from all team members.  Apprentices are treated as STS team-members from Day 1; we respect everyone’s contribution, skill set, and life experience. 

Techquity at STS

Our vision of excellence is aligned to our 'Techquity' (Tech-Equity) focus and drive. We understand that disparities and gaps in opportunities and earning potential exist for marginalized groups, such as people of color and women, in the IT industry.  By leveraging the power, passion, and talent from this group we are able to deliver innovative govcon IT solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations.  

'Techquity' is the cornerstone of our operations, our service delivery, and team engagement and we value working alongside others from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences. Technology will continuously evolve; we pride ourselves on having a diverse workforce that allows our customers to fully showcase their national capacity and capabilities. 

Words from Adrian Rich, Managing Principal

"It’s all about making connections with people, finding out what motivates them, finding out how to move the needle forward – leveraging the collective strength of a team.”

STS founder and managing principal, Adrian Rich, discusses his early days, his leadership style and his secret to a successful business venture with millions of listeners on Executive Leaders Radio. The program Adrian was a guest on focuses on the CEO’s story of success on Executive Leaders Radio.


Our Approach to Apprenticeship

The STS Apprenticeship is a year-long, competitive and selective program comprising three distinct phases. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis throuhout the year.

We take an individualized approach to learning and create roadmaps for success for each apprentice based on their career goals and alignment with STS corporate needs. The STS Apprenticeship prepares motivated and driven individuals to become world-class Cloud Computing, DevOps, Software Development, and Data Science professionals. 

Phase I provides the structure and guidance for apprentices to address gaps in technical skills, theory, and understanding.  Individualized roadmaps are created for each apprentice that support learning lean/agile methodologies, programming languages, cloud skills / tools, and much more. 

Phase II Upon successfully completing Phase I, apprentices engage in hands-on, real-world learning alongside our team of mentors in a paired programming environment.  Building on the foundation of learning in Phase I, apprentices are given opportunities to refine their skills, as well as enhance their capabilities to ensure a successful career at STS. 

Phase III is 'Go-Time!' Upon successfully completing Phase I and Phase II, during the first 90 days of full-time employment at STS, apprentices receive mentorship and guidance to make certain that the transition from apprentice to a full-time STS employee is successful. 



Individual learning roadmaps allow for customized training and learning specific to the apprentice's career goals.

Development & Coaching

Enhance and broaden capabilities with the latest technology in Cloud Computing, DevOps,  Software Development, or Data Science alongside a team of mentors.

Real-World Experience

Direct, hands-on experience building real client solutions.



All STS Team members benefit from our partnerships with AWS, CloudBees, Google, Microsoft and Udemy – with access to improved knowledge and the opportunity to become a SME with one or more of our above partners.

The established 12-month apprenticeship program allows apprentices to connect with mentors, complete certifications, and launch successful Cloud Computing, DevOps, Software Development, and Data Science careers. 



  • Must have a Bachelor's Degree and a minimum of 4 years' progressive work experience in any IT field
    • 9 years' progressive IT work experience may be substituted for a degree
  • Must have an aptitude for the technology role of today
  • Must have a commitment to life-long learning
  • Must be able to devote 10 hours per week to learning
  • Must be able to obtain any necessary security clearance

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