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We Build Cloud Solutions

We are experts at designing, building, and operating enterprise cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) shared service environments, transitioning federal agencies from data center IT Operations (ITOps) to highly automated cloud-native operations (CloudOps); and migrating and modernizing data and applications using low code, cloud-native, and machine learning technologies. 

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Cloud Automation is critical to “Enterprise cloud” implementation and unlocking the scalability, agility, and cost savings potential of cloud computing. We help agencies mature across the ITOps spectrum, from traditional data center operations to CloudOps to NoOps. 


DevSecOps fundamentally changes how IT organizations do business. It is a shift in culture and engineering practices that requires high levels of collaboration and automation across the enterprise. Our DevSecOps approach brings together Technology, People, and Process to rapidly deliver capabilities to end-users. 


Application Development We use Lean Agile and SAFe™ methodologies to develop and refactor frontend and backend applications. Practicing the Strangler Pattern, we leverage microservices and containers  to localize complexity, buy down technical debt, and increase developer productivity.


Applied AI/ML Cloud Service Providers like AWS and Google offer a litany of powerful AI/ML tools within their platforms. As AIOps practitioners, we use these cloud native services and ITOps performance and security data to automatically analyze, report, and diagnose issues. 


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Informational eBook Resources

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  • Challenges of a successful legacy application to the cloud
  • What metrics for success you should track
  • Cybersecurity & cloud compliance considerations
  • Success Stories from other agencies
  • Defining what cloud scale is and why it's critical
  • Design principles necessary for achieving cloud scale
  • In-depth look at scale necessities in cloud architecture, analytics, applications, monitoring, security, and storage
  • Guidance on what to look for in a technology partner

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