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We Deliver Digital Products for Impact

We specialize in digitalizing government operations. We integrate cloud-native technologies and Agile practices to deliver full-stack digital solutions that are cost-effective and user-friendly. The Mission drives us, and we hyper-focus on business objectives and outcomes for end-users. Our enterprise approach delivers future-proof digital solutions maximized for interoperability, scalability, and security – by design. We are flexible and enthusiastic about quickly and iteratively getting government employees/operators the capabilities they need.


Cloud & DevSecOps Design, build, and enhance cloud and multi-cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) environments. Migrate mainframe and legacy IT to the cloud, using automation to boost security, governance, and cost-efficiency. Coach and promote DevSecOps adoption using cookbooks, templates, and fully automated CI/CD capabilities. Provide AWS and Azure managed hosting


Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning [DEAM] Develop and implement an enterprise data management and governance strategy. Create Integrated Data Platforms to synthesize diverse data sources for unified processing, reporting, and analytics. Deploy data pipelines for migration, batch processing, and data source conversion. Utilize machine learning to enhance agency operations, including intelligent document processing, optical character recognition, entity resolution, and knowledge management.


Application Modernization and Sustainment Enhance performance and security of legacy applications by migrating to AWS (GovCloud and Commercial), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Refactor using modern architecture practices like microservices, containers, infrastructure-ascode, and serverless. Apply agile practices and DevSecOps automation for faster deployment. Use integrated teams to "shift left" UI/UX and security. Build greenfield applications with open-source and low-code tech. Provide robust sustainment support.

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Cloud Contact Center-as-a-Service [CCaas] Transform your contact center with Amazon Connect by leveraging cloud scalability and consumption-based pricing. Utilize IVR for smart call handling. Boost efficiency with chatbots and SMS. Enhance customer satisfaction and first call resolution while reducing abandonment rate and average handling time. Drive quality improvement and optimize workforce management with advanced analytics.


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