Digitalizing Government Operations

A Cloud-Native Approach to Transforming Government Missions

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Cloud & DevSecOps

Optimize your AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform infrastructure and platform environments using DevSecOps and Site Reliability Engineering practices. Automate operational bottlenecks and hardcode governance, security, and cost management practices for enhanced performance, resiliency, and cost efficiencies. Enable application teams to quickly deliver mission capabilities with automated, streamlined onboarding experience and software delivery and deployment pipelines. Click below to learn more. 

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Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning [DEAM]

Welcome to the dynamic world of DEAM - Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. It's a cutting-edge approach that combines strategic planning, versatile platforms, seamless pipelines, and the transformative power of machine learning. With DEAM, you're not just managing data; you're sculpting it into a masterpiece of insight and intelligence. Imagine effortlessly integrating diverse data sources, deploying dynamic pipelines for processing, and leveraging the latest in AI technology to optimize operations. Unlock the full potential of your data landscape. 

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App Modernization & Sustainment

Upgrade legacy apps to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud for enhanced performance and security. Embrace microservices, containers, and agile methodologies for faster, secure deployment. Seamlessly integrate teams for improved UI/UX, security, and collaboration. Plus, rest assured with ongoing support provided throughout your modernization journey. 

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Cloud Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS)

Transform contact center and helpdesk operations with Amazon Connect – AWS’s Cloud Contact Center-as-a-Service [CCaaS] platform. Say goodbye to expensive, rigid legacy contact center contracts and experience the benefits of a scalable, flexible, and consumption-based solution. Expand the channels and strategies used to engage customers (voice, SMS, text, email, voicemail, callback) for enhanced agent productivity and customer satisfaction, and reduced first call resolution and abandonment rates. Advanced data management and analytics capabilities improve knowledge sharing and training and optimize workforce management to enable agencies to do more with less. Embrace the future of service center management with CCaaS. Click below to learn more. 


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