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Moving your Contact Center to The Cloud - The Benefits for Federal Agencies

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Transforming a Large Federal Government Agency’s Contact Center: A Journey to Cost Efficiency and Control

Transform Customer Experience (CX) with Cloud Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS)

Introduction to Amazon Connect

We specialize in Amazon Connect CCaaS services. Amazon Connect is a cloud contact center solution developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and available in both FedRAMP Moderate and in GovCloud at FedRAMP High. It is a low-code/no-code platform that is highly customizable based on agencies’ unique business requirements.

Amazon Connect seamlessly integrates with other AWS services like Lex for conversational bots, and Polly for text-to-speech capabilities. Because it's built on AWS infrastructure, Amazon Connect offers advanced security features like encryption at rest and in-transit and identity and access management. 

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The What

Empowering Engagement: CCaaS Solutions

Cloud contact center solutions like Amazon Connect transform how agencies engage with customers internally (service desks) and externally (call centers). By leveraging cloud infrastructure, CCaaS provides scalability, allowing agencies to easily adjust contact center capacity; consumption-based pricing, so you only pay for time connected to the platform - not per agent; and omni-channel communications, allowing agencies to engage customers through voice, chat, email, mobile, and text. Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered features enable agencies to automate interactions, provide self-service options, and enhance the efficiency of their contact center operations.

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CCaaS solutions are more cost effective than traditional contact center solutions. The pricing model is based on usage - or cloud consumption - and there’s no upfront capital expenditure in the form of hardware, infrastructure or software. Consistent with cloud computing, cloud contact centers automatically scale on demand, and provide built-in disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities. CCaaS solutions can be quickly deployed using pre-configured infrastructure and software, allowing agencies to quickly respond to policy changes and spikes in customer demand. 

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STS is the only 8a HUBZone small business (SB) with successful experience migrating a large, mission-critical federal contact center to Amazon Connect. Our Practice Lead, Angela Krisinger, productized Amazon Connect for the federal market and led the migration of Amazon’s e-commerce business to the platform. STS is uniquely positioned to maximize the Amazon Connect platform given our breadth and depth of AWS expertise, as exhibited by our 110 certified AWS Technical Professionals, Advanced Partner status, and certified Government Competency. Interested in a frictionless way to procure an Amazon Connect prototype or generally learn more?

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