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From Disconnected Datasets to Information Insights

Data is the lifeblood of federal agencies, and its management, safeguarding, and utilization are integral to mission operations. Advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) provide unprecedented opportunities to use this data to improve citizen services, better detect and respond to security threats, and generally make better decisions and predictions. To unlock these capabilities, it is imperative agencies have the prerequisite compute power, data quality, data sharing and integration, and data lake house capabilities. However, this is not just a technology challenge. Effective change management and training practices are critical to driving adoption and ultimately measurable business outcomes. 

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The What

At STS, we specialize in providing end-to-end data engineering and analytics capabilities tailored to meet your specific needs. Our expertise encompasses the development and implementation of enterprise data management and governance strategies, ensuring the efficient organization and security of your data. We excel in creating Integrated Data Platforms that seamlessly synthesize diverse data sources for unified processing, reporting, and analytics purposes.

Moreover, we deploy robust data pipelines for tasks such as migration, batch processing, and data source conversion, facilitating smooth data flow across your systems. Leveraging cutting-edge machine learning technologies, we enhance agency operations by enabling intelligent document processing, optical character recognition, entity resolution, and knowledge management. 

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Our Approach

Relationships and Business Value are the hallmarks of our approach. For data governance and data quality management, we don't merely establish frameworks or processes; we embed a product-driven philosophy that redefines your data as products delivering value to your customers. Our approach to data privacy and compliance is about creating trust in your data products, which in turn builds stronger relationships with your customers. We don't just implement AI/ML technologies; we utilize them to drive strategic initiatives that deliver significant value to the mission. For measuring and documenting results, we focus on outcomes such as customer satisfaction, user trust, and the overall value delivered to your customers. 

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STS is experienced in the full analytics lifecycle, including implementing enterprise data lakehouses and other integrated data platforms (IDP) for centralized data storage, processing, analysis, reporting, and distribution. We were early AI/ML adopters, having prototyped and deployed machine learning solutions for federal agencies since 2018. Examples include using computer vision for detecting corrosion on vessels; optical character recognition for extracting and indexing text in documents; speech-to-text to transcribe interviews; and entity resolution (ER) for record matching and de-duplication across disparate systems and records. We are a Databricks partner and the only 8a HUBZone small business with certified Google Cloud AI/ML expertise and hands-on Senzing ER experience.

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