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Katie Leonard-min-1Katie Leonard

Director of Operations

In her role at STS, Katie Leonard stands at the forefront of driving scalability through strategic optimization, efficiency enhancement, and people leadership. Her expertise lies in transforming operational challenges into opportunities for growth, and creating streamlined processes that propel businesses forward while maintaining a steadfast commitment to fostering equitable and inclusive work environments.

With a deep understanding of the unique landscapes small businesses navigate, Katie has become an architect of change, devising bespoke strategies that not only elevate operational effectiveness but also nurture a culture of innovation and collaboration. Her approach is grounded in a belief that the heart of business scalability lies in empowering teams, fostering a spirit of collective ambition, and harnessing the diverse strengths of each individual. Katie’s track record is a testament to her ability to turn visions into tangible successes, guiding enterprises through transformative journeys.

Katie holds master's degrees in Urban and Regional Planning and Public Health; both being integral to her approach in driving business excellence with the overarching goal of enhancing quality of life and economic development within marginalized communities.


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