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robotic cloud automation (RCA)

One of the greatest benefits of cloud computing is the ability to reduce manual efforts associated with provisioning and managing workloads. Minimize errors and maximize efficiencies with Robotic Cloud Automation (RCA), STS’s multi-cloud suite of automation solutions for:

  • Provisioning – Networking; Identity and access management; Monitoring and logging; Security Controls
  • Governance and Compliance – Event-driven, real-time remediation; Serverless, linear scaling; Automated ATO controls; Global tagging compliance; Auto-deprecation of unused resources; Auto-stops resources non-compliant with security standards
  • Accelerated Application Migration – Self-service provisioning; Migration to managed DB services; Automated deployment pipelines; Multi-region HA/DR enablement; Personnel training; DevOps tool on-boarding

Telework Solutions

Accelerate the development of your technology infrastructure by adding scalability and security to your remote work environment.
  • Serverless Application Architecture & Development: Scale your applications massively on-demand
  • Data Migration / Database Backup: Securely replicate data in the cloud for disaster recovery
  • Cloud-Based Virtual Desktops: Gain real-time, secure access to work applications and share data remotely
  • Infrastructure– as – code: Automate environment provisioning and configuration to enhance network reliability, resiliency and performance

cloud cost control

Organizations often site “cost savings” as a key driver for cloud adoption. However cost savings do not just magically occur from lifting and shifting workloads from on-premise data centers to cloud hosting environments. There is architecture and engineering work to be done!  

STS’s cloud-agnostic solutions, SmartScalR and TagCatchR, unlock cloud cost savings by addressing scalability, rightsizing and resource sprawl.

SmartScalR reduces cloud spend by +50% by automatically turning off unused non-production resources. SmartScalR is customizable down to the resource level to maximize adoption across teams.

TagCatchR allows cost segmentation and chargeback in multi-tenant cloud environments. The benefits are:

  • Trace [and charge!] consumption of all cloud consumers regardless of where they sit organizationally. In this model IT Operations does not eat all cloud consumption costs, freeing them up to pursue higher value activities.
  • Business leaders get detailed insight into who’s using what, creating the opportunity to remediate and incentivize.   

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