Reduce Costs and Enhance Security with Robotic Cloud Automation (RCA)

RCA is a suite of server-less cloud automation solutions that use AWS managed services, native tagging capabilities, and Lambda scripts to:

1. Enable Faster Provisioning

One-click provisioning of compliant cloud environments including networking, identity and access management, monitoring and logging, and security controls. Reduce application team onboarding from weeks to minutes. 

2. Get Compliant Without the Headache

Event-driven scripts automatically identify and remediate cloud environments and resources that are over-provisioned or not in compliance with usage guidelines. A robust Global Tagging ontology enables auto-deprecation of unused resources and auto-stops non-compliant resources and activities.

3. Reduce Application Migration Timelines

Automated deployment pipelines and infrastructure-as-code cookbooks enable self-service provisioning so development teams can go faster. 

Read the Case Study: How RCA Saved USCIS $4M+ in Annual Cloud Costs

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) was one of the first federal agencies to adopt cloud computing back in 2014. 

As a fee-funded agency, USCIS was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. With USCIS offices closed, fee collection dropped precipitously, and cost savings became the agency’s number one priority to avoid furloughs and keep the agency operational. USCIS leaders understood that addressing USCIS’s lack of cloud governance and standards was a likely area for achieving cost savings.

Working with STS and AWS, USCIS leaders developed a cost-management strategy, as well as a 90-day Operation Cloud Control (OCC) project to realize immediate savings and establish processes to lock in those savings moving forward. RCA was the pinnacle of OCC. Moving to reserved instances alone saved more than $2.5 million during 2020-2021. In total, RCA and OCC projects saved more than $4 million during the same time frame.

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See how you can save millions with RCA

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How RCA Works

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