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Chef is automation for all of your technology.  Chef will help you overcome the complexity and rapidly ship your infrastructure and apps anywhere with automation.
Ship better software, faster. Enable collaboration and continuous automation across your infrastructure, applications, and compliance for all your apps and infrastructure. Chef Automate includes a continuous deployment pipeline for infrastructure and applications, automated testing for compliance and security, as well as dashboards and reports for troubleshooting, auditing and management.

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Achieve speed, scale, and consistency by automating your infrastructure with Chef. Turn your infrastructure into code. With Chef you can manage servers – 5 or 5,000 of them – by turning your infrastructure into code. Time-consuming activities like manual patching, configuration updates, and service installations for every server will no longer exist. And your Infrastructure becomes flexible, version-able, human-readable, and testable.

What Is Chef?

Fast response to customer demand requires a technology stack that can react quickly to changing business needs while maintaining its resiliency and reliability, and it requires the ability to deliver new application features just as quickly.

Chef is automation for DevOps is an informative white paper focused on the technical attributes of automation and the DevOps workflow and how they help you meet the demands of the digital economy.

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